Mbuyisa Makhubu Primary School Soweto

Our final, and extra special visit of our South Africa tour, was to Mbuyisa Makhubu Primary School in the heart of Soweto. Situated next to the Hector Pieterson memorial, the school is named after Mbuyisa Makhubu, the 18 year old schoolboy seen carrying a dying Hector Pieterson in the iconic photograph of the 1976 Soweto uprising (Hector Pieterson was a 13 year old boy who was one of the first to be shot in uprising). The school has 428 learners including many vulnerable and orphaned students, for whom a feeding scheme is in place.

This is the third time that St Ivo have visited the school and we were given yet another spectacular welcome. Mrs Sambo (the school principal), came to welcome us at the school gates and as our students gathered here, a number of students dressed in a variety of traditional costumes (dependent on their background) came to great us with traditional dancing.

IMG_5111 IMG_5123 IMG_5159

We were then taken up to the main courtyard of the school where the whole school had gathered. Once seated we were welcomed by the students and Mrs Sambo introduced students and staff to us before Mrs Mottram also did an introduction on our behalf.

IMG_5102IMG_5298Following a spectacular display of dancing from 3 sets of students from throughout the age ranges at the school, our students were able to present to the school and primary students the gifts we had been able to purchase through the fund raising that they had worked hard on in the weeks prior to our visit.

We presented 4 large bags of sports equipment, including amongst other things footballs, rugby balls, netballs, cricket equipment, football and netball strips and skipping ropes, and a bag full of stationary donated by our students. From our fund raising activities we also presented a cheque for 10,000 rand (£500) to the school which Mrs Sambo explained would be put towards setting up a fund for enabling the most vulnerable and poorest students to participate in school excursions and trips which otherwise they would not have been able to do

.IMG_5373 IMG_5427 IMG_5414

Finally, the bit everyone had been waiting for, our students spent an emotional and rewarding half an hour meeting all the primary school students. Hugs, high fives, piggy backs galore! What a way to end our tour. A very special experience for all involved.

IMG_5090 IMG_5098   IMG_5113  IMG_5145 IMG_5148  IMG_5171 IMG_5218 IMG_5225 IMG_5245  IMG_5306 IMG_5330 IMG_5346   IMG_5593 IMG_5595 IMG_5604 IMG_5138

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