Tuesday 28th October

Leaving the Kruger full of breakfast this morning, we managed to spot one last pride of lions alongside several zebra, giraffe, baboons and wildebeest. What a way to finish! This set us up fantastically for the long drive back to Johannesburg!

Breaking up this mammoth 600km journey was a brief stop at a service station with ice creams in the sunshine. This was followed by a buffet lunch, with also sorts of delicious food!

Next stop : Ann van Dyk Cheetah Sanctuary РDe Wildt. Here we stopped for a couple of hours admiring from afar the cheetahs being fed, vultures basking in the sunshine and wild dogs ravaging over several kilos of food in lightning speed. The true highlight for all was heading inside the sanctuary and able to come up close with a cheetah. As the cheetah laid there we all moved around taking our turn to spend some time with him, taking photos and even stroking him!

We finished off our journey into Johannesburg, and tucked into out second buffet of the day. We’ll all sleep well tonight!

IMG_4523 IMG_4530 IMG_4552 IMG_4576 IMG_4578 IMG_4584 IMG_4629 IMG_4636 IMG_4657 IMG_4739

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