Kruger National Park – Safari!

From the Shangana village we then drive back through Hazyview and onto Kruger National Park for our safari experience. At the park gate we were met by our guides and safari vehicles and immediately went out on a two and a half drive. What an introduction to the park! Within our first two and half hours in the park, as well as a multitude or other animals, including amongst others giraffe, zebra, impala and hyena we also saw four of the big five, including Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Elephant! What a way to start! Buzzing with excitement we finished our safari at Sukuza rest camp which was to be our accommodation, small bungalows built in the form of traditional huts with straw roofs, ensure and each with an outside seating area. Next morning with alarms set for 5am we met at 5.30 for our morning safari, seeing the sunrise and being treated once again to the Kruger’s incredible bird and animal life before returning for a well earned cooked breakfast back at camp. We then spent a few hours exploring the camp itself, spotting the monkeys and warthog living in the camp and trying to identify as many different species of birds as possible! Some of us went on a nature spot around the camp, seeing mongoose, snakes, skinks, millipedes, countless birds, monkeys and scanning the Sabie River looking for crocodile and hippo. A well deserved afternoon rest followed with the majority us spending a little time in the pool! Then off we went again for a spectacular three hour evening safari, treated to the sunset over the Sabie with the sightings of hippo, lion, giraffe, zebra, elephant, hyena etc. Sadly this morning we had to leave the Kruger – onwards to our adventure in Johannesburg and no more checking shoes for scorpions in the morning!

IMG_4300.JPG IMG_4291.JPG IMG_4304.JPG IMG_3558 IMG_3579 IMG_3627 IMG_3705 IMG_3713 IMG_3756 IMG_3802 IMG_3894 IMG_3900 IMG_4094 IMG_4320 IMG_4335 IMG_3672 IMG_3692 IMG_3769 IMG_3839 IMG_3869 IMG_4094 IMG_4096 IMG_4223 IMG_4348 IMG_3663_2 IMG_3979_2 IMG_3990_2 IMG_4068_2 IMG_4078_2 IMG_4441_2 IMG_4843_2 IMG_4889_2

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