Dullstroom and Sabie Camp

Having landed at the airport this morning, we soon progressed in our travels! Seeing lots of new scenery and wildlife on our coach journey towards Sabie we arrived at the Dullstrom Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Centre.

Here we had a short meander in the sunshine around the dozens and dozens of birds before relaxing for our pizza lunch stop…being induced early by an impressive rain shower.

The sun came back out very quickly in time for the flying demonstration. A peregrine falcon, a jackal buzzard and an eagle owl flew over our heads. Before finally the star of the show came out… the secretary bird! The bird named Rooney kept us all entertained as he showed off his prowess at killing snakes.

Sabie was our next stop, for a few hours relaxing before dinner. Unfortunately another lightning storm struck the impressive scenery around us curtailing a few of the boys swimming fun. Again this shower stopped quickly in time for dinner. Whilst we were eating the noise of the wildlife began to grow, giving us a true African feel.

Bit more relaxation time now before we settle down for a much needed nights sleep to prepare us for tomorrow’s exciting exploits.

IMG_2820 IMG_2836 IMG_2839 IMG_2853 IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2877 IMG_2885 IMG_2891 IMG_2906 IMG_2910 IMG_2941 IMG_2963 IMG_2985 IMG_2995

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